Do we sound like the gym for you?

At OZ, we create individualized sports performance training programs to make your athletes more productive during competition and to reduce the likelihood of injuries. We create programs that will prepare athletes’ bodies for the rigors of daily practices and competitions. Whether we are working with your whole team or a single athlete, we take into account individualized needs by first screening for and correcting any movement deficiencies an athlete may display. Once the athlete’s body is moving normally, we then create an individualized performance training program that takes into account each athlete’s training experience and sports goals.

We are a sports performance and athletic development facility located in northeast Fort Wayne, Indiana. We feature equipment and facilities that will meet the need of any athlete looking to improve their game. Inside our 4,200 square foot building, you will find a wide variety of training equipment to develop every aspect of your athletes’ performance.

To complement our indoor turf field, we have an assortment of training equipment to enhance speed, agility, strength, power, endurance, flexibility, etc. From sleds to rebounders, slide boards to plyo boxes, and traditional strength training equipment such as a multi-versatile power rack and Olympic weightlifting equipment, we have the necessities for athletic development training.

The philosophy of OZ Strength and Conditioning is centered on achieving the greatest potential health, wellness, and physical performance of athlete and non-athlete individuals alike. All programming revolves around methods based on accepted scientific strategies to ensure proper movement and physical development; as well as reinforcing proper nutrition to meet the demands of athletic and every day challenges.

At OZ, we strive to successfully improve the health and performance of individuals using scientifically-based, comprehensive, dynamic training methods.

Fort Wayne Trainer

Our Principles

The basic principles of OZ Strength and Conditioning revolve around improving the overall wellness and performance of individuals. Our staff focuses on correcting the movement dysfunctions and increasing the ability of the body to perform tasks necessary to each person’s daily life. Strategies for improved movement may include relieving overactive or tight muscles that can put excess stress on joints or other soft tissues and/or strengthening underactive or weak muscles to reduce compensation of their synergists. Both of these strategies are aimed at increasing the body’s ability to move optimally, thus reducing pain or altered patterns of motion. Proper nutrition, as foundation of wellness and performance, is also a key principle encouraged by our staff.

Athletic performance is enhanced by first creating a stable and well functioning body through various methods of myofacial release, trigger point therapy, stretching, and correctional exercise. Strengthening weak muscles and the body’s core musculature are primary concerns for our clients in order to prevent future injury. Once the body is able to move proficiently and without dysfunction, full body, ground-based, multi-joint movements based on accepted scientific methods are utilized to increase overall athleticism and proper movement. These exercises are incorporated through individualized and progressive training programs that focus on increased strength, speed, agility, balance, power, and proper energy system functioning specific to each athlete’s sport and/or position. Free weights are a large portion the programming due to the dynamic nature of free weight movements and their unparalleled ability to increase both the strength and power of an athlete. In order to increase athletic talent, OZ athletes are encouraged to be ambitious and achieve their greatest potential.